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Cooperation models

Regardless of the chosen cooperation and commitment model, our priority is high flexibility. Our goal is a partner relationship, open communication and adjustment to the real needs of the client. Quick response to changing external conditions allows for efficient implementation of the projects entrusted to us.


We take full responsibility for the project, including budget, schedule, quality of service and risk assessment. Before the start of implementation we determine all the details including the budget, time and framework for its implementation. And then our managers and specialists will take care of everything.


It is a flexible cooperation model in which the customer pays for real workloads and materials used. It allows for a quick start of the project, it does not require determining all the details before starting its implementation. The next stages, changes and improvements are implemented on an ongoing basis, depending on the needs.


Full care for the software and applications proper functioning. To maintain the high quality of services, we offer contracts with a guaranteed service level that give clients full security and ensure a quick response from our specialists.

Commitment models

From access to individual specialists to the full outsourcing of entire projects and IT infrastructure. We offer competences and support at various levels of involvement in the company structure and implemented projects.


We offer flexible access to qualified IT specialists such as consultants, programmers, software engineers, analysts, testers and managers. Team Extension is an ideal model for customers who need a temporary increase in IT staff without having to change the company structure.


For clients who need support in their own IT projects implementation, we provide entire interdisciplinary teams of varying sizes, consisting of specialists from various fields. The team can be supervised by a dedicated Team Leader who coordinates the activities of employees, watches over the schedule and the quality of effects.


This is a good solution for clients who do not have qualified IT departments in their structures but still plan activities in this area. We offer full IT projects coordination, from the stage of technical and business analysis, through full implementation and delivery of necessary resources, to final testing, deployment and subsequent systems maintenance.

IT projects methodology – how do we work?

We approach each project individually. We are flexible, adjusting the methodology to the clients’ specific needs and expectations. We work in accordance with good ITIL management practices, we use conventional and agile project management methods (PRINCE2, PMBOK, Agile: eXtreme programming, SCRUM). We also implement projects in a hybrid model or according to our own methodology based on years of experience.


Our specialists perform all tasks entrusted to them remotely. This model eliminates all additional costs associated with keeping an employee in the structures of the company.


Specialists work on-site at the company's headquarters. This is a good solution when participation in the project requires close and direct cooperation with the client. This is a popular option in the IT specialists outsourcing service, when it is crucial to supplement the resources of the clients’ IT team.

We approach each project individually, we are flexible, and our goal is a good relationship with clients and successful joint ventures. Contact us and let's talk about possible cooperation.